Internship Program

 Stand out with an Internship

Having practical experience within the workplace is seen as incredibly valuable by recruiters today, but for new graduates this can often seem like a vicious circle. You need experience to get a chance at the job, but you can’t get the job to get experience. For an increasing number of graduates today, internships and professional development programs offer a workable solution that gets you into the workplace and that valuable experience.
Participation in these programs also signifies dedication and a willingness to go further to achieve your goals, all attractive qualities for recruitment managers. Apart from the benefits to your resume and online profiles, there are also the connections that can be made, with networking so important in career building today, having the opportunity to make valuable connections through these programs can prove invaluable in the long term.


Your internship experience

♣ If you are interested in taking part in our professional development or internship programs, we will invite you to meet our qualified Placement Coordinator for a completely free consultation to discuss what is available for you and how you can benefit from the opportunity.

♣ Once qualified for the program, we will notify you of all the details and also book you into our mentoring and coaching session prior to the placement starting. This ensures that you are completely prepared for the internship from day one, giving you confidence and allowing you to make the most of the whole experience. We want only positive outcomes for you and do everything we can to provide that.

♣ Internship programs vary in length, and we are able to offer 8-12-week programs to suit your needs. Once you have completed your internship, our comprehensive service includes assistance with resume writing to ensure that your internship is included in an effective way.

♣ Eightfold offer a unique opportunity with our programs, providing real experience where it matters within dynamic work environments that place you with a driven team of dedicated professionals who can offer guidance and valuable insight into the demands of industry.

Placement Types

We currently offer internship and graduate roles, however if you are looking for opportunities within other industries, please contact us.

Fields available:  

♣ Information Technology

♣ Engineering

♣ Accounting

♣ Marketing

♣ Business and Finance

♣ Graphic Design

♣ Human Resources

♣ Social Media

♣ Project Management

♣ Others

Each candidate on successful completion of their placement will receive:

♣ A professional reference,

♣ Subject to arrangement with the tertiary provider, study credits can be awarded as appropriate